A new home for tech, data and entrepreneurship

A new home for tech, data and entrepreneurship

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The world is changing. To meet the future -and to have a future - industry and commerce world wide need to come together to make the transition to a sustainable future.

For Norway as one of the world's biggest oil producers, it’s more important than ever to take a leading part in this transition in order to secure our future as an industrial nation.

As a tech entrepreneur, we know you want to utilize your domain expertise, network, knowledge and experience to build a successful startup that puts your company at the forefront of shaping the world to become.

Big change needs big thinking, which is exactly why we are creating a brand new entrepreneurial space and an Investment Fund where ambitious founders can grow and succeed – faster. As a part of our ecosystem you will be next door to leading, international tech environments such as Aize, Cognite as well as established industrial corporations in Aker Group. Together we make up Norway's most exciting and diverse technology hub. All available to you for discussions, possible piloting and partnerships, to help you achieve your potential.

We call this initiative Runway Fornebu. RunwayFBU.

Big change needs big thinking.

RunwayFBU is an early stage VC fund that invests in software-driven technology companies built by ambitious entrepreneurs.

We are ready to invest capital from our fund today. With a team experience of investing and supporting more than 200 tech startups over the last decades, we understand the challenges of a tech startup and how to facilitate and support successful entrepreneurs throughout your journey.

At Fornebu, Norway, we are building a cutting edge tech hub that will host and support tech entrepreneurs.

As part of the tech hub you will be able to access a competent industry network and a community of mentors, investors, partners, and advisors. This ecosystem is ready to provide you with opportunities to get your first pilot customer, help build your advisory network, access deals & offers from partners, and build a supportive community around you.

Collaborating with other tech hubs, incubators and co-investors is an integral part of our strategy to help you succeed.

We are looking for a wide range of startups and entrepreneurs that naturally fall within;

Data centric technology companies

Technology companies using data & technology as a key element of their product offering, with an outstanding growth potential.

Domain driven, experienced & ambitious entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs and companies whose technology is developed by people with deep understanding of the problem to solve.

Industries with untapped potential

Industries where emerging technologies and new business models are likely to provide a significant value creation opportunity over time.

Investment has its value, but meaningful support is priceless.

We will continue to create and adapt our offering and assistance to bring the best value to entrepreneurs. Our Venture fund and tech hub are just the first steps on becoming one of the leading tech hubs globally.

RunwayFBU Venture Capital

In the next three years our Venture Fund aims to build a portfolio of up to 30 tech companies. We will invest in pre-seed, seed and follow-ons. Ticket sizes will vary from $100K to up to $2M-$3M as follow-up commitment to the most promising startups. An important part of our strategy is to invest as a minority shareholder, and to work with co-investors.

We understand what founders need, when they need it, and how help can be provided in the most valuable way. We understand that people are the driving force behind a successful startup, and our strategy is to support the founders with founder-friendly terms.

RunwayFBU Tech Hub

We have great respect for what it takes to build a company. It is not just the capital that gets invested. It is a unique blend of a focused and determined team, a great network, grit and coffee. We are going to bring it all together to one location at Fornebu.

Frictionless and uninterrupted work days are crucial to keep you focused and motivated. Working alongside like-minded entrepreneurs, access to our ecosystem, will ensure the best possible conditions for success in your entrepreneurial journey.

The RunwayFBU Tech Hub will provide office space and associated services, where tech entrepreneurs can work and collaborate both within and with the rest of the Aker ecosystem at Fornebu.

We have started at Aker Fornebu, and will move into the brand new Aker Tech House in 2023.

Your co-pilots for the journey ahead.

Kjell Inge Røkke Runway FBU

Kjell Inge Røkke

Chairman of Aker & Co-founder of RunwayFBU

Don't wait for the future – let us help you build it! This is why we took this initiative.

I encourage entrepreneurs to reach out to RunwayFBU. The bigger the ambition, the more we pay attention.

Tor Bækkelund Runway FBU

Tor Bækkelund

Co-founder and Managing Partner RunwayFBU

Our ambition is to support entrepreneurs building global companies solving important challenges. We believe the use of data and technology is instrumental in creating value.

Together with Aker we bring capital, founder-friendly terms, deep expertise and an ecosystem for tech entrepreneurs to succeed. Get in touch if you find this interesting.

Sagar Chandna Runway FBU

Sagar Chandna

CTO & Sr. Partner RunwayFBU

Thea Wiig Runway FBU

Thea Wiig

Head of Tech Hub RunwayFBU

Martin Bech Holte Runway FBU

Martin Bech Holte

Chair RunwayFBU