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About us

We are a 300M NOK early-stage venture fund in Norway to back European industrial software technology startups, that use data and technology to make industry more efficient, sustainable, and reliable. 

RunwayFBU was founded in 2021 by Kjell Inge Røkke, among the most successful entrepreneurs in the Nordics, and Tor Bækkelund, former co-founder of StartupLab. 

We believe the use of data and technology is instrumental in creating value. And this value within the Industrial ecosystem is an untapped opportunity, where winners within this space will be determined over the next 10 years. 

Our beliefs

Efficient – produce at low cost while remaining safe and profitable.

Sustainable – reduce negative environmental, social or governance impact.

Resilient – resist, recover or even innovate in times of significant disruptions.

"Don't wait for the future – let us help you build it!", Kjell Inge Røkke

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Our investment strategy

We target each layer of the industrial software stack:


Digital Infrastructure

These are secure and scalable systems enabling the modern industry software stack itself, such as technology related to Cloud, DataOps, DevOps, Cyber Security etc. Notable companies from Norway such as Cognite and Ardoq have already made an impact within this space.


Digital Platforms

Data-driven and collaborative platforms transforming how a specific industry operates and produces. Modern day digital engineering workspaces such as Aize, or b2b marketplaces like Forto are changing the way industry makes and executes decisions.


Digital Business Processes

Interconnected and collaborative systems replacing time-consuming transactional and manual tasks. Next generation HR, legal, fintech etc. tools are forever changing the operational landscape of industries. Just Technologies and Pipedrive as an example have created a new market category for themselves by digitizing manual operations.

Our investments themes

Four digitalization themes, we believe Nordics will lead​:


Digitalization of Electricity

By transitioning to clean energy sources, adopting electric technologies, and implementing smart grids, we can reduce carbon emissions, promote energy efficiency, and create a more sustainable and resilient energy infrastructure, empowering an efficient society.​


Transformation of ​Value Chains

By integrating data-driven technologies, adopting innovative logistics solutions, and implementing resilient procurement strategies, we can reduce inefficiencies, promote transparency, and create a more sustainable and responsive supply chain infrastructure.​


Reshaping Work Productivity

Reshaping work productivity is a powerful catalyst for driving global economic growth. Enhanced efficiency not only amplifies output, but also fosters innovation, agility, and enables sustainable practices in an increasingly complex and regulated market landscape.


Accelerating Industrial Output

By harnessing the power of robotics, automation, and AI-driven systems, industries can significantly streamline processes and production, assign human resources to higher-value tasks, and reduce emissions, resulting in resilient and sustainable industries.


Is RunwayFBU a corporate venture?

No. RunwayFBU is a founder-friendly venture fund with an independent team that invests according to its own investment strategy. With access to experts, Aker companies and Industrial Capital Partners, we are uniquely positioned to invest and support industrial software technology companies, while remaining independent to take our own investment and portfolio management decisions.

I have a tech startup, and want to apply for capital. How do I proceed?

Click the "Let’s talk" button to get started. You’ll find it in the menu on mobile and at the top right on desktop. Fill in the information about your tech startup, and we will get in touch with you soon.

I want to apply to be a member of the Tech Hub. How do I proceed?

Click the "Let’s talk" button to get started. You’ll find it in the menu on mobile and at the top right on desktop. Fill in the information about your tech startup, and we will get in touch with you soon.

What can RunwayFBU offer me?

We are ready to invest capital from our fund today and we are building a cutting edge tech hub that gives access to a competent industry network and a community of partners, and advisors.

What requirements do I need to fulfill?

We are looking for a wide range of startups and entrepreneurs that naturally fall within: Technology companies using data & technology as a key element of their product offering, with an outstanding growth potential; Entrepreneurs and companies whose technology is developed by people with deep understanding of the problem to solve; Industries where emerging technologies and new business models are likely to provide a significant value creation opportunity over time.

I'm curious... what does "Runway + FBU" mean?

Big change needs big thinking, so we thought: We’re here to help you defy gravity and get your big ideas off the ground, with investment that’s positive and meaningful. The FBU stands for the code of the old airport located in Fornebu - our first location. We think global: first FBU, up next LHR, JFK, CGD, HND? Oh yes.


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