Oct 18, 2022 — article

4 reasons to keep an eye on CuttingRoom in 2022

Cutting Room on Macbook S

This is why you should keep track of the SaaS video editing solutions in the upcoming months

By Mari Wachelke

Our portfolio company CuttingRoom has just come back from IBC in Amsterdam, one of the leading broadcasting conventions around the globe, and here are a few reasons why you should keep track of their SaaS video editing solutions in the upcoming months:

#1: CuttingRoom's main product Cloud Editor is the world's fastest, collaborative, cloud-native video editing and publishing tool for non-linear broadcasting (>25x faster than what is otherwise available on the market). It enables video editors to work on collaborative projects in different locations, yet still retain – and indeed improve upon - the reliability, operational speed and quality associated with traditional editing suites.

#2: Big names are already using the Cloud Editor, including EA SPORTS and CNBC, while the professional editors in the broadcast and AV industries markets are already at $385M.

#3: The co-founders Helge Høibraaten and Glenn Skare Pedersen have 30 years of media industry experience, each.

#4: CuttingRoom will soon launch on AppStore a free mobile solution that adds high-quality AI-based options to the mobile camera, plus immediate transfers of recordings directly into the CuttingRoom Cloud Editor.


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