Dec 14, 2023 — article

7 highlights of 2023 for RunwayFBU

Runway FBU team 2023

We unwrapped the year. Take a look at the biggest accomplishments according to our team:

By Mari Wachelke

  • We decided on 7 new investments: ComplAI, Zerolytics, Plaato, Soren Hydrogen, WSense (first international investment!) and two more which will be announced soon. In addition, we made several follow-on investments within our portfolio.
  • We launched our monthly newsletter: where we share RunwayFBU latest highlights, Aker companies and industry software related news with the Nordic startup community, investors and serial entrepreneurs. Not signed up yet? Sign up to get the latest news.
  • In March, we launched our Advisor Network: in total, 31 entrepreneurs, investors and tech experts are officially part of our network of professionals who will support ambitious entrepreneurs driving change.
  • We hosted 9 Takeoff Tuesdays: our breakfast event series happens every last Tuesday of the month at 8:00 AM at RunwayFBU Tech Hub, Fornebu. It is open to everyone interested in entrepreneurship and industrial software. The main goal is to create an arena for our advisor's to share their insights, the good & the bad experiences into building a company.
  • We’ve been at international tech meeting places: Slush, OIW, StartupExtreme, TechBBQ and more. We are planning our 2024 event calendar. Any suggestions on where we should be?
  • We launched our blog written by our amazing investment team and focused on 4 of our investment themes: Digitalization of Electricity, Transformation of Value Chains, Reshaping Work Productivity and Accelerating Industrial Output.
  • We are getting ready to move in to Aker Tech House: on February 1st, we start a new chapter, with 3x the space for big plans and tech solutions. Very excited for this one!

    Stay tuned for weekly news in our website and social platforms in 2024.

    Thank you for joining us and happy New Year! 

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