Dec 09, 2022 — interview

Meet the Faces of RunwayFBU: Henrik Skogstrøm, founder and CEO of LN Capital


From building a company connected to bitcoin, he talks about the team, FTX scandal and Twitter

By Mari Wachelke

LN Capital is building financial software and services for the Lightning Network. The Lightning Network is a "layer 2" payment protocol on top of the bitcoin blockchain enabling scalability and fast transactions among participating nodes.

Previously Henrik was the CTO at Arcane Crypto and before that, he turned his hobby of coding into a solid full stack developer career, from machine learning, APIs, data visualization, to front-end…you name it.

Henrik’s connection with RunwayFBU started in 2021, through a co-investment round with RunwayFBU and Seetee, which is also an Aker company that is focused on the bitcoin ecosystem. That’s when he settled in at the Tech Hub as one of the first founders to move to the Akerkvartalet. The LN Capital team, however, is sitting in all different parts of the world, from the US to Mexico and Europe. “We all work independently. Once a day the entire team meets in the daily stand up meeting. We also coordinate and interact through Slack and jump on calls whenever needed.”, suggests Henrik on how they function as a distributed team. “I think it’s much easier to work as a remote team when all team members work remotely.”

Although the crypto market and the bitcoin price is currently impacted by the FTX scandal, Henrik explains “the price fluctuation doesn’t affect the business. For us, working with the technology and building infrastructure, the bitcoin price doesn’t really matter. The technology is still evolving and improving every day.”

A strong sign that the Lightning Network is staying strong is the high traction of LN Capital on Twitter. Their community grew 3x just in the last month. “Everything in bitcoin is happening on Twitter, so it’s a very important channel for us.” (tip: follow them for great content @LN_capital)

Next steps:

“Right now, we are working on an advanced automation system. After New Year’s, we are going to start fundraising again.”

Read more about LN Capital here

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