Nov 10, 2022 — interview

Meet the Faces of RunwayFBU: Bielenis is the CEO and Co-founder of Powely

MS Runway 2909

With a background in Petroleum Engineering and over 10 years working in Energy Advisory, Bee fell in love with green hydrogen.

By Mari Wachelke

Powely is a company with a mission to fast-forward green hydrogen production.

The team is building a software where you can do the feasibility studies in weeks instead of months and get accurate calculations of your levelized cost of hydrogen and technology for your projects.

The three co-founders are engineers, have met at the Antler program and are members at our RunwayFBU Tech Hub since September.

“Honestly the support is beyond what we thought it was going to be: the people, the new companies joining, and the facilitating that they have done with the Aker group for us, so that they can have the goodwill of helping us approach Aker Solutions, Aker Horizons and Cognite, has been tremendous."

The team is very committed to decarbonization and the nexts steps are very clear to them: continue growing, deliver a commercial product to their pilot clients and to raise their next round.

Read more about Powely here:

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