Apr 12, 2024 — article

Investor Insights: SHE Conference's Startup Village


By Mari Wachelke

"What do you need to have to knock on RunwayFBU's door?" That was the introduction to the Startup Village session at the SHE Conference. "You need to be solving an important problem. Market fit. And prove that you and your team are capable," listed our Investment Manager, Peder Hjermann, from the stage.

The informal stage was organized by Storebrand, with Peder, the Principal at Idekapital, Krisztina Horvath, and moderated by investor Jørn Hanæs, aiming to glean insights into "What Investors Look For in a Company."

The investment atmosphere in Norway has been shifting in unexpected directions, particularly with the exit tax situation. Therefore, one of the questions brought to attention was if this is the time to raise capital. "Definitely," replied Krisztina. "Good companies always get funding."

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