Jun 10, 2024 — article

Kahoot CEO kicks off Tech Hub's Summer Party

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Photo credits: Gorm K. Gaare

By Mari Wachelke

On June 6 June, we hosted the RunwayFBU Summer Party with members, advisors and friends. 

The highlight was undoubtedly the inspiring talk by Eilert Giertsen Hanoa, CEO of Kahoot!, at the Aker Tech House auditorium. Hearing about Kahoot's incredible journey from less than a billion users in 2015 to over 10 billion users today, with multiple products and 97% of Fortune 500 companies as clients, was truly motivating. 

Then, we celebrated the night away with dinner and great conversations at our social zone. 🥂 Not to forget, the RunwayFBU Awards 2024 added an extra spark, recognizing the outstanding achievements within our community. 😄🏆✨

Check out the photos and see the full gallery here.

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