Apr 27, 2023 — article

Meet Faces of RunwayFBU: Konrad Fagertun, Business Developer and Sales at Frivind

Konrad Frivind

The tech startup has developed an advanced ML-driven forecasting software called ChoppyCast.

By Mari Wachelke

Konrad Fagertun is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for creative problem-solving and a knack for building successful tech startups. He holds a Master's degree in cybernetics technology from NTNU School of Entrepreneurship and Boston University, and has been working in the tech startup industry for over 15 years.

Since September 2021, Konrad has been sitting at our Tech Hub in Fornebu as Business Developer and Sales representative at Frivind, a startup which has developed an advanced ML-driven forecasting software called ChoppyCast. This software has built up a unique experience within multiple industries, including sales forecasting for Rema 1000, production planning for Godt Brød, weather analyses and forecasting for Diplom-is, and weather impact on home delivery for Oda.

"Forecasting and demand planning done right is pure magic to me. We really predict the future and our numbers and data show that we are really good at it - typically reducing food waste by 40% for our customers.” In addition, the forecasting market is global, not just limited to Norway.

Konrad draws inspiration from his curious mind, his creativity, and his passion for talking to people about challenges, solutions, and thinking outside the box. He has also been inspired by fellow innovators in the US, Southeast Asia, Southern Europe, the UK, and other places. “Frustration with things that don't work and companies that refuse to innovate also motivates me to do more on an entrepreneurial level” explains.

Frivind is Konrad's third startup, and he believes that building a company in 2023 is quite different from his first one. “The focus on and interest in startups is much better now, the funding situation is better, and the number of funds and investors have skyrocketed - at least in the Nordics.” Konrad thinks that people are more aware that it is possible to start a high-tech company in Norway, even if you are not in Silicon Valley. “Succeeding in a startup is like winning a gold medal with a sports team: once you see it's possible, you know it's possible, and you know there are other challenges to take on and overcome” compares.

Overall, Konrad’s work at Frivind is a result of his passion for creative problem-solving and commitment to helping businesses better forecast, plan, reduce waste, and increase sales.

What’s next for Frivind and for you?

“As for Frivind, we are looking to increase our sales, build on more partnerships and we see that most of our customers will be abroad. And as for me, it seems that the more we achieve the more I want to keep doing this and the more I see that I am in the right path.”

Read more about ChoppyCast.

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