May 16, 2023 — interview

Meet Faces of RunwayFBU: Pål Bredvei, Adminkit CEO

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Adminkit is a SaaS company making everyday life easier for managers in small and medium-sized businesses.

By Mari Wachelke

With 20 years' experience working in large companies such as Egmont and Nokia and then founder of successful startup Documaster, Pål has been leading the Adminkit team since 2020. As co-founder, Pål’s journey began with a simple idea to make HR and administration more efficient for small and medium-sized companies. From there, he has built a successful SaaS company with a solid culture and a team of problem solvers who are passionate about what they do.

At the heart of Adminkit is the idea of basic control of all the information related to employees. This includes everything from employee overview to work contracts, SMS communication, vacation control.

Faces Adminkit

For example, you can make a work contract within 5 minutes, you can send SMS to all employees in 1 minute, you know the sizes of t-shirts of the whole team, the closest relatives, account numbers, get a complete dashboard of absent and vacation control and their latest feature: the GDPR kit, to help businesses to be GDPR compliant within one hour. “I'm very proud of that. That's the kind of work that no one has done in Europe before and that is really taking care of administrative pain in hight level”, highlights Pål.

By streamlining these processes into a single, efficient tool, Adminkit has been able to provide small and medium-sized companies (from 1-100 employees) with the support they need to focus on growing their business rather than dealing with administrative chaos.

However, building a successful startup is not just about having a great product. It also requires a focus on customer acquisition, retention, and monetization. “Adminkit has successfully navigated these three stages by building a strong customer base, engaging and retaining those customers with regular updates and improvements, and finally, monetizing the platform with premium features like the People Kit and GDPR Kit.”, explains Pål.

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Strong team

Perhaps the most impressive quality of Pål as a CEO is the company culture that he and his team of 18 Adminkitters (plus Ajax, the dog mascot) have created. By prioritizing problem solvers who are passionate about the journey of entrepreneurship, Adminkit has fostered a culture of energy and pride. This is exemplified by their weekly meetings where everyone lists their three most important tasks for the week and any impediments they need help with. “People who do that in a weekly basis, create energy and a high level of execution.” guarantees Pål.

“When evaluating investment opportunities, team quality is always the most important criteria. In the case of Adminkit we found everything we could wish for: first-hand experience of the problem they are solving, entrepreneurial backgrounds, seasoned tech team and unique capabilities within no/low-touch sales. After we invested, they have proven to live up to our expectations with a data-driven and structured, yet playful, approach to building the company” explains Investment Manager at RunwayFBU, Peder Hjermann.

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It is clear that Pål and his team have built something special by focusing on the basics of HR and administration and building a strong culture around problem-solving. What are the next steps for Adminkit? Launch a new kit in Q3 and prepare to expand beyond Norwegian borders. Watch out!

Read more about Adminkit on their website and Linkedin page

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