Sep 27, 2023 — article

Recap: Takeoff Tuesday with Kiran Midha, VP Product Marketing at Cognite

Kiran recap

By Mari Wachelke

The latest edition of Takeoff Tuesday took place on September 27th with RunwayFBU advisor and VP Product Marketing at Cognite, Kiran Midha. She tailored a talk on Product Marketing strategies for early-stage startups, which touched upon common questions including what is Product-Market Fit & the process for finding it, example of roadmap and a key learnings from the past five years leading the team at Cognite. 

The morning session was followed by Q&A with our Tech Hub members, portfolio & Aker friends. 

Takeoff Tuesdays is our breakfast event series happening every last Tuesday of the month at 8:00 AM at RunwayFBU Tech Hub, Fornebu. It is open to everyone interested in entrepreneurship and industrial software. The main goal is to create an arena for our advisor's to share their insights, the good & the bad experiences into building a company. 

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