Oct 31, 2023 — article

Recap: Takeoff Tuesday with Linn Johnsen-Haglund, Chief of Staff at Aize

Linn Takeoff Tuesday

By Mari Wachelke

On October 31st we hosted our series Takeoff Tuesday with guest speaker and RunwayFBU advisor Linn Johnsen-Haglund, Chief of Staff at Aize. More than 30 entrepreneurs, Tech Hub members and Aker friends joined the morning session focused on recruitment and building tech teams. 

Linn shared her experience with recruiting the right talent at the right time and also presented seven power skills in high performing teams, which include:

  • define clear and common objectives,
  • embrace transparency,
  • provide continuous feedback,
  • share, learn and grow together,
  • create great relations and trust,
  • embrace autonomy and accountability and
  • celebrate success.

As the Chief of Staff, Linn is recognized for transforming Aize from projects to a product company. With a long track record in building robust, scalable, and diverse teams in the international tech landscape, Linn has gathered leadership experience at companies such as Kongsberg Digital and BASF.

Takeoff Tuesdays is our breakfast event series happening every last Tuesday of the month at 8:00 AM at RunwayFBU Tech Hub, Fornebu. It is open to everyone interested in entrepreneurship and industrial software. The main goal is to create an arena for our advisor's to share their insights, the good & the bad experiences into building a company.

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