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Recap: Takeoff Tuesday with Pierre Martensson, Founder of The Scale Factory

Takeoff Tuesday Pierre7

By Mari Wachelke

Do you have what it takes to tackle the Asian Pacific? That was the topic of our Takeoff Tuesday on November 28th. The market, representing 50% of the global GDP, was introduced by our special guest, Pierre Martensson, Founder and Managing Partner at The Scale Factory.

The session started with an introduction to the growth potential for startups, followed by insights illustrated with case studies. One of the key takeaways, crucial for the Nordics, is getting prepared to adapt to the speed in execution. According to Pierre, the growth potential of entering the region is enormous, though not without its challenges. Smooth navigation through the journey is supported by connections with the local market, access, and understanding of the culture. Pierre emphasized "Never underestimate the power of networking, the local context, and the culture."

Before founding The Scale Factory, Pierre was the first partner on board at Antler, the early-stage VC that invested in more than 850 founders globally. Throughout his career, Pierre has maintained an impressive track record and gained experience with rapidly growing organizations worldwide, both as a top executive, investor, and board member.

Takeoff Tuesday is our breakfast event series happening every last Tuesday of the month at 8:00 AM at RunwayFBU Tech Hub, Fornebu. It is open to everyone interested in entrepreneurship and industrial software. The main goal is to create an arena for our advisors to share their insights, both the positive and negative experiences, in building a company.

Takeoff Tuesday Pierre6
Takeoff Tuesday Pierre

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