Feb 27, 2024 — article

Recap: Takeoff Tuesday with VP Revenue Operations at Ardoq, Dan Kelly

Takeoff Tuesday Dan7

By Mari Wachelke

During this morning's Takeoff Tuesday breakfast series, we had the privilege of hosting Dan Kelly, VP of Revenue Operations at Ardoq, as our special guest. Dan shared valuable insights on "Measuring What Matters in Sales," drawing from his extensive 9+ years of experience in the B2B SaaS industry.

Key takeaways from the session include the importance of defining and measuring the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), as well as the necessity for process rigor and governance throughout the sales journey, from pre to post-sales stages. Additionally, Dan emphasized the importance of measuring key indicators consistently and fostering shared ownership among leaders and representatives in the sales process.

A big thank you to Dan and to all attendees for contributing to a great arena for sharing and gaining insights into building a company. Stay tuned on our platforms (including here on News, to sign up for the next event!

Takeoff Tuesday Dan6

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