Mar 25, 2024 — article

RunwayFBU and Accenture launch "Unlocking Norwegian Tech Triumphs" report

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By Mari Wachelke

Hot off the press! RunwayFBU and Accenture Nordics have joined forces since January to launch the "Unlocking Norwegian Tech Triumphs" report. While Norway may be a small player on the global stage, recent years have showcased its remarkable ability to excel in developing industrial technology.

This report unveils six key findings on Norwegian industrial technology success stories.

To ensure the highest quality insights, our research methodology leveraged an AI-assisted analysis of over 300 companies, complemented by manual research and qualitative interviews with seven successful founders. This partnership harnesses RunwayFBU’s expertise in investment, entrepreneurship, and industrial technology, alongside Accenture’s capabilities in business, data, and technology. 

Dive into the report here

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