Dec 14, 2023 — article

Push play: RunwayFBU in 25 seconds

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By Mari Wachelke

RunwayFBU was founded in 2021 by Kjell Inge Røkke, among the most successful entrepreneurs in the Nordics, and Tor Bækkelund, former co-founder of StartupLab (in the video).

We are constantly looking for a wide range of startups and entrepreneurs that naturally fall within:

  • Technology companies using data & technology as a key element of their product offering;
  • Entrepreneurs and companies whose technology is developed by people with deep understanding of the problem to solve;
  • Industries where emerging technologies and new business models are likely to provide a significant value creation opportunity over time.

We believe the use of data and technology is instrumental in creating value. And this value within the Industrial ecosystem is an untapped opportunity, where winners within this space will be determined over the next 10 years.

Here are our beliefs: 

  • Efficient – produce at low cost while remaining safe and profitable.
  • Sustainable – reduce negative environmental, social or governance impact.
  • Resilient – resist, recover or even innovate in times of significant disruptions.

    Push play to hear from our big boss Tor and reach us out here.

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