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RunwayFBU launches Advisor Network with over 30 industry leaders

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On March 1st, we welcomed founders and advisors for the official launch of the RunwayFBU's Advisor Network.

By Mari Wachelke

We were thrilled to host an informal evening at Akerkvartalet with a stellar team of advisors, including CEO of Kahoot, Eilert Hanoa, Co-founder and COO at Aiba, Anne Lise Waal and Serial Entrepreneur, General Manager at Daily, Svein Willassen and domain experts and executives in Aker. 

In total, 31 entrepreneurs, investors and tech experts are officially part of our network of professionals who will support ambitious entrepreneurs driving change. 

Following a quick introduction of the new platform by RunwayFBU's team, both advisors and founders were divided into groups to join a roundtable discussion on building scalable industrial software companies in Norway. Good reflections and discussions tackled the challenge on access to talent - mostly recruiting sales people, the urgency of changing the commercial and ambitious mindset and the importance of building a strong ecosystem. 

The main purpose of the launch was to getting to know each other better and also an opportunity to learn more about RunwayFBU as an investor and ecosystem. We believe in providing our companies with the shortest way to the answer to whatever question they have. Connecting them to extraordinary people that can share their experience and knowledge will not only help them find the answers, but also inspire and motivate them.

Their experience and insight will be invaluable to those seeking guidance on how to build and grow their businesses. In addition to collaborating with other advisors and entrepreneurs, we hope that being a part of the new network will also provide opportunities and connections within the tech community. Here is a quick summary of how it works:

Value for the founders:

  • Receive advice on specific topics from experts within different fields
  • Learn from advisors’ personal experience and be inspired
  • Build relationships and expand network.

Value for the advisors:

  • Meet and follow some of the most attractive, industrial software startups
  • Access to a network of highly competent advisors inside and outside Aker, with biannual meetups
  • Associate with a leading ecosystem for industrial software startups.

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