Jun 06, 2023 — article

RunwayFBU rounds off EU Taxonomy 2022 by Celsia

Celsia team

It was our turn to successfully conclude EU Taxonomy with the support of climate tech startup Celsia.

By Mari Wachelke

The Celsia team screened and evaluated all RunwayFBU’s portfolio companies for eligibility the EU Taxonomy and the companies that were within in scope were asked to answer questions enabling us to conclude Taxonomy reporting process.

This initiative served multiple purposes. Firstly, it enabled our portfolio companies to learn and use reporting as a value adding solution. Secondly, it marked the soft starting point of increasing sustainability awareness and coming reporting requirements.

"Being both an invested company by RunwayFBU and actively participating in the Aker Taxonomy reporting, our journey with the actual solution has been incredibly rewarding. Celsia has proven to be an essential tool in managing EU Taxonomy reporting regulations, offering invaluable tutorials, real-time online guidance and meetings with experts. The support and extensive knowledge provided by the team throughout the entire process have left me thoroughly impressed." evaluates RunwayFBU Finance Manager, Anders W. Botten.

In total, Celsia has 35 clients, including impressive names such as Aker ecosystem (which includes 20+ companies) and Storebrand. “Celsia’s ambition is to make sustainability transparency simple. Our software facilitates self-assessment of one’s EU Taxonomy performance - and more, supported by our experienced team. As one of Aker ASA’s daughter companies, RunwayFBU was onboarded when the industrial conglomerate started using Celsia last fall. It’s great now to have RunwayFBU both as a faithful investor – and now also as an enthusiastic user!” says CEO and Co-Founder of Celsia, Petter Reistad.

EU Taxonomy

The EU taxonomy is a classification system that sets out a list of environmentally sustainable economic activities. It forms part of the EU’s plan to scale up sustainable investment and implement the European Green Deal.

The first set of companies have started reporting on the climate criteria in 2022. By 2024, over 50,000 EU companies will be directly required to comply with the classification system.

The startup was RunwayFBU’s very first investment. “Celsia is an outstanding team, covering all disciplines required to develop market-leading sustainability software with a clear goal: becoming the world’s most used platform to assess companies' performance against the EU Taxonomy criteria”, points out RunwayFBU Managing Partner, Tor Bækkelund.

Read more about Celsia and how your company can solve the EU Taxonomy here

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