May 23, 2024 — article

Sagar Chandna among Top 100 Data-Driven VC Thought Leaders globally

MS FBU 2080

RunwayFBU also made the list of firms leading the VC transformation.

By Mari Wachelke

Data-Driven VC (DDVC), the team behind the report, is a community of over 22,000 experts interested in the intersection of startups, venture capital, data, and AI.

For the Top 100 Thought Leaders, DDVC compiled a long list of nominees and selected them based on a combination of community votes, content activity, and their positions within their respective firms. Our Senior Partner and CTO, Sagar Chandna, made the cut.

Before RunwayFBU, Sagar spent over 20 years connecting people, data, and technology at companies including Opera and Katapult. He is an entrepreneurial executive leader with a background in IT, marketing, sales, recruitment, and client relationship management. (We are extremely proud of you!)

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In the VC firms category, DDVC received over 300 submissions to analyze a market benchmark and uncover what the top 190 data-driven VCs and 100 thought leaders are up to. The VCs were ranked using community nominations, the number of engineers in the firm, and the number of segments covered with internal tools across the value chain. RunwayFBU is the only early-stage industrial Norwegian VC selected, among solid names including Sequoia and Atomico.

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"Looking at the vanguard of data-driven VC, we see a dance between off-the-shelf solutions and custom in-house tools. It's the differentiating IP and the smart combination of external and proprietary internal data, the heart of their tech stack, that gives these firms long-term alpha," concludes Andre Retterath, author of the report.

According to DDVC, one of the major learnings is how AUM (Assets Under Management) per employee scales efficiently in funds, especially in engineering teams.

Read more about RunwayFBU AI and investment in this article by DN (in Norwegian).

Check the full DDVC report here.

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