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Welcome to our next Takeoff Tuesday event on the 31st of October at 8:00, featuring a special guest: Linn Johnsen-Haglund, Chief of Staff at Aize and one of RunwayFBU's advisors.

As the Chief of Staff, Linn is recognized for her expertise in leading all the staff functions in Aize (People, Finance Corp Dev, Legal, and IT). With a long track record in building robust, scalable, and diverse teams in the international tech landscape, Linn has gathered extensive leadership experience at companies such as Kongsberg Digital and Basf.

In this session of Takeoff Tuesday, Linn will share her insights into the key factors behind constructing high-performing teams in the tech industry.

Have you ever wondered about the secrets to assembling the right talent? Curious about attracting key players, whether they be tech specialists or those in more unconventional roles? Linn will delve into these questions and more!

Program for the morning:
0800 - 0820: Breakfast and networking opportunity
0820 - 0840: Presentation by Linn Haglund "Building high performing teams in Tech"
0845 - 0900: Interactive Q&A session

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Mark your calendar, set your alarms, and we'll be thrilled to welcome at the RunwayFBU Tech Hub. Breakfast on us!

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