May 28, 2024 — article

Takeoff Tuesday with Svein Willassen

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By Mari Wachelke

Takeoff Tuesday, our monthly breakfast talk, brings in advisors to discuss topics relevant to entrepreneurs. This session on 28 May featured Svein Willassen, CEO of Draum and Co-founder of Confrere.

Svein shared his entrepreneurial journey, starting with a three-member team and building a product that revolutionized communication in the healthcare sector. Throughout the ups and downs, he described how he and his team traveled across Norway, pitching to doctors, securing commitment papers, and installing cameras and headsets.

The story took a dramatic turn with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. Svein described how "the world exploded to us" as sign-ups flooded in from doctors globally, followed by psychologists, therapists, and other healthcare professionals.

Svein concluded with valuable lessons from his journey and exit:

1. Determine the right time and amount for fundraising, and run a structured process.
2. Persistence is key; continuously refine and deliver your pitch.
3. Experience Matters. "Investors like an experienced founder. I’m not saying the second time is easy, but it’s definitely easier", concludes Svein.

Stay tuned to our calendar event to find out the next guest and topic. 

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