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Tech Roundtable



Oksenøyveien, 8





Join us for our second Tech Roundtable session focused on Balancing Technological-Innovation and Customer-Centricity

While it's fundamental for every innovation to cater to a user's need, relying solely on user's feedback may hinder your potential for innovation. Real market breakthroughs emerge at the intersection of user needs, technological capabilities, and financial viability.

By joining this Tech Roundtable, you'll hear and discuss cases from digital product companies that have masterfully balanced these innovative forces to secure competitive advantages. We'll also dive into techniques to seamlessly integrate these principles of innovation into product practice.

With two decades of experience, Hasith Yaggahavita  is a versatile professional, entrepreneur, and community mentor. As the CEIO, Hasith spearheads the engineering and innovation disciplines at 99x. Hasith has envisioned and founded IgniterSpace, Sri Lanka's pioneering Makerspace dedicated to young innovators. He also serves on the boards of influential tech startups such as MagicBit, Makers Global, BLISS AS, Maturify and Tracified.

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