Think Big Norway gathers over 200 guests to discuss transition to net zero

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The first edition of our new event series took place on 22 November at Akerkvartalet and also marked the 1 year anniversary of RunwayFBU.

Think Big Norway was hosted yesterday with over 200 attendees, from investors, Aker partners, serial founders, innovators and city representatives discussing the role of new industrial clean technologies on accelerating the net zero transition.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 will require a fundamental transformation of the global economy. Thus, investing in technologies, companies and infrastructure projects to accelerate the net zero transition is now the world's largest investment challenge.

Aker is setting up a new capital structure, Industry Capital Partners, with the ambition to invest 1000 BNOK in solving it. ICP’s managing partner, Yngve Slyngstad was on stage introducing the initiative,  explaining the opportunities and challenges and how the combination of industry, capital and collaboration plays an important role. "Without the network effect, it's very difficult".

Next on stage was Martin Bech Holte, the managing partner at Atoma Capital, a new VC fund within industrial technology and materials, part of Industry Capital Partners and backed by Aker. Our own managing partner Tor Bækkelund, followed the discussion adding the role of industrial software in transitioning to net zero, introducing our portfolio companies (Celsia, Sparkel, TP Accurate, LN Capital, CuttingRoom, Shapemaker and Adminkit) and RunwayFBU investment focus, together with CTO and Sr. Partner Sagar Chandna.

Read more about RunwayFBU ecosystem with Aker

The second part of the program was a panel on the role of Norway within the topic, with Yngve Slyngstad, Siri Kalvig (Nysnø), Kristin Aamodt (Arctern Ventures), Martin Bech Holte, moderated by our Head of the Tech House, Thea Wiig.

With a full house, the party continued at our Tech Hub, with dinner, dj and mingling. Look back at what happened at the event by heading to Think Big Norway's photo gallery.

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