Aug 30, 2023 — article

Unplugged: what founders really want from their investors


By Mari Wachelke

57% of founders choose investors based on alignment of vision and purpose. For VCs, this comes in as a fourth level priority, at 23%. Is there misalignment between what founders really want, and what VC's provide?

On 30 August, we invited Nordic investors at DLA Piper's office to a healthy and honest discussion on how investors should shape their value-add and how they can best help the founders to succeed.

The panel was hosted by RunwayFBU, Inventure and Sandwater and moderated by Karl-Christian Agerup (Chief of Investment Officer at Antler and Board Chair of Schibsted ASA), with Ingrid Sofie Øvrum Sem (Co-founder & CCO of our portfolio company Shapemaker), Jørgen Erdal (Co-founder & CEO of Evyon) and Per-Otto Wold (Co-founder & CEO of our portfolio company Zerolytics, Co-founder & CEO of Point Carbon - exited). 

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