Mar 14, 2023 — article

Hanna Selvaag joins the investment team

Hanna Selvaag profile

Welcome on board!

By Mari Wachelke

We are thrilled to announce our new investment manager Hanna Selvaag. She took over her desk at the Tech Hub on March 1st and has been working alongside Peder Hjermann, Tor Bækkelund and Sagar Chandna in full investment mode.

Hanna brings hands-on operational experience from healthtech scaleup Dignio, combined with a structured and rigorous approach honed during her time at McKinsey. “I enjoyed the systematic way to access the companies in consultancy, and at Dignio I worked closely with the operational and learned how the business work. Now, I’m following my gut feeling to work on the investment side.”

One of the reasons to join RunwayFBU was the opportunity to learn more about the companies, the people behind it and be part of the next big thing. “It was also the vibe and atmosphere that the team has created it. The project is very ambitious, while the benefit of being around the startups at the Tech Hub, talking to the people , seeing how the products look like and helping building the ecosystem”, says Hanna.

Hanna holds a combinatory M.Sc. degree from NTNU linking Computer Science to Economics and Management. She is an avid sports enthusiast, with interests ranging from mountaineering and skiing to tennis and football.

Read more about Hanna on this article by Shifter (in Norwegian)

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