Apr 12, 2024 — article

Takeoff Tuesday with Anne Lise Waal

Takeoff Tuesday Anne2

By Mari Wachelke

On April 9th,  we invited one of Europe's most prominent figure in the tech scene, Anne Lise Waal, to share her experience on "How to Build a World-Leading SaaS Platform'.  The attendees got honest insights about Attensi journey, where she played a pivotal role as CTO and COO from 2013 to 2023. In fact, achieving the status of ticket to play from startup to a 200 MNOK ARR scaleup. 

Takeoff Tuesday is our monthly breakfast event series at Aker Tech House, Fornebu, open for the tech community. It's a safe arena to exchange experiences in entrepreneurship and industrial software between startup founders and our advisors. Who are our advisors? RunwayFBU launches Advisor Network with over 30 industry leaders 

Keep an eye out for our next session here at our website!

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